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How to Organize Your Home

Do you ever wish your home was more organized like all those beautiful homes you see in magazines? Well here are some useful tips on how to organize your home to help keep clutter at bay: Stacked storage – When your kitchen has closed cupboards, you can get away with things being a little disorganized, since only… Read More »

How to Organize Your Child’s Things

Do you ever feel inundated with your children’s stuff? Between toys, clothes, school papers and “treasures,” it can be challenging to keep all of their things organized. Buying one of the homes for sale in McKinney TX presents with you with a perfect opportunity to organize your kids’ things. Here are some tips on how… Read More »

How to Start to Decorate a Room for Your New Home in Richwoods

Buying a new home in Richwoods is like giving an artist a fresh canvas on which to paint a picture. You get to choose paint colors, cabinets, fixtures and more so that your home reflects your own personal style. When you get ready to move in, you’ll have to decide how to furnish each room… Read More »

Preparing for Overnight Guests in Your New Home in McKinney TX

Having overnight guests is a great way to spend time with family and friends, while showing off your new home in McKinney TX. But how do you create a memorable experience that offers your guests the most comfortable stay? Hosting requires that you anticipate the needs of your guests. You can do this by considering… Read More »

John R Landon Homes Presents its Favorite Halloween Party Ideas!

At John R Landon Homes, we’re dedicated to building the finest luxury homes that are designed around your life. We create the home you’ve always dreamed of, and where your memories will unfold. Because we build better homes for families, we want your new home to be a place where you can relax and have… Read More »

How to Find Out Your Decorating Style!

One of the challenges that goes through a home buyer’s mind while looking at new homes in Plano TX, is how to decorate their new home once they purchase it. The problem for many people is that they’ve grown up watching complete home redecorations take place during a 30-minute television show. Combined with the overwhelming… Read More »

Community Profile – Preserve at Lone Star Ranch

Looking for a new home that offers you a luxurious lifestyle with family-friendly amenities? Look no further than Preserve at Lone Star Ranch.  Located just north of the 121, and west of the Dallas North Tollway; this master planned community features amenities like a clubhouse that’s available for private parties, a fully-stocked fishing pond, a… Read More »

6 Tips for Conducting a Long Distance Home Search

Buying a new home is rarely easy, but it’s especially challenging when you’re searching for homes for sale in Little Elm remotely. It’s best to do some homework first before you take a trip to the area to make your final purchase decision.  Here are a few strategies on conducting a real estate search from… Read More »

Creative Uses for Flex Space in Your New Home in Little Elm

One of the advantages to buying a brand new home in Little Elm is the ability to customize it. When you look at different floor plans on the Landon Homes website, you’ll frequently see the fourth or fifth bedroom designated as a game room or optional bedroom. You can do whatever you want with this… Read More »

Decide where in your home you will keep these supplies” What closet? What room?

Moving into a new home in Little Elm offers an opportunity to organize your space, so you can keep clutter at bay. One of the areas that tends to be a catch-all in many homes is the utility closet. Here are a few ways you can structure your closet, so it can become a ready-made… Read More »