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Landon Homes Realtor® Policy:

To receive compensation/commission for a Landon Homes sale, the Realtor® must be the procuring cause of the sale.

The Realtor® must register in person with the buyer at a Landon Homes community or online with email confirmation from the buyer that the Realtor® is representing them on the purchase of a new Landon home.

The registration must be documented prior to the date of purchase on the appropriate Landon Homes form to validate the relationship between buyer and Realtor®.

This registration expires 30-days from the time of first visit to the community or registration online. It may be renewed for an additional 30-day period with validation from both parties that the client/ Realtor® relationship is still intact.

In the event that the same client is registered by multiple realtors, only the first registration confirmed by the buyer will be honored for 30-days from first registration.

A commission will be paid according to the terms of the executed realtor addendum to the representing broker at the time of final closing and funding of the transaction.

All sales must be written on a Landon Homes provided Purchase Agreement.

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