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How to Organize Your Home

How to Organize Your Home
Do you ever wish your home was more organized like all those beautiful homes you see in magazines? Well here are some useful tips on how to organize your home to help keep clutter at bay:

Stacked storage – When your kitchen has closed cupboards, you can get away with things being a little disorganized, since only your family may see what’s behind the cupboard door. But with open shelving, it’s important to have proper organization. One way to accomplish this is with color-coordinated stacked plates, bowls and even teacups. And as an added benefit, stacking allows all the dishes to be stored in the same place.

Vertical limits – You can keep your home office neat and tidy by taking advantage of vertical space in the room. For instance, you can attach mini shelves to hold books and magazines alongside your desk.

Room for two – Help your children be more organized if they share a closet by dividing the area with a built-in workspace. Just close the doors to keep messy projects out of sight. The open shelving also doubles as storage space for extra toys.

Space saver – Don’t let the available space beneath a staircase go to waste. Add some shelves so you can turn that normally wasted space into stylish storage.

Tidy laundry – One way to keep your laundry room neat and tidy is to use some rolling storage. This gives you plenty of space for cleaning products, and it can be arranged to fit any size room. Include some rods for drying clothes as well as high shelves to store out of season clothing, and now it will be easy to keep everything in its place and off of the floor.

Pristine pantry – Here are a couple of ways you can keep your pantry organized. 1) Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer in your pantry to hold canned goods and condiments. 2) Use see-through, pull-out baskets with easy-to-read labels. They make grabbing a snack a breeze!

Garage solutions – The best way to keep your garage organized is to install storage systems that fit your specific needs. Installing a high shelf keeps excess items out of the way, but makes them accessible when needed. Another genius way to free up floor space is to add a shelf to hang bikes.

Secret storage – Multi-purpose furniture can be a handy way to help you maintain a clutter free home. Look for pieces such as a coffee table that doubles as a shelf to store books and magazines out of the way, but still within arm’s reach.

Pet Pantry – Keep pet toys, treats and food corralled by storing everything on a rolling shelf. This way, the next time you need a leash or pet shampoo, you’ll know right where to find it.

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