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7 Ways to Keep Your New Home Tidy

Homebuyers who purchase new homes in Little Elm, Texas have a great opportunity to start fresh with a neatly organized house. The challenge is keeping it that way! Enlist family members to help and use these tips to keep your new home looking fresh and tidy:

  1. Keep the entryway clear. This is the first area visitors see, so you want it to look its best. Keep shoes and boots inside closets or lined up neatly in an out-of-the-way spot. Give kids an area to store backpacks and sports equipment. Have a place ready to drop mail, keys and the like when you come in the door.
  2. Tidy the family room before bedtime. Take dishes and cups to the kitchen, put remotes in a basket, brush crumbs off tables and seating, stack magazines or books and straighten pillows and throws. A few minutes spent tidying this area will go a long way toward keeping the whole house looking neat and fresh.
  3. Control kitchen clutter. After the dishes are done in the evening, take a few minutes to clear the countertops and table of anything that doesn’t belong there. Keep small appliances stored away when not in use to minimize countertop clutter.
  4. Minimize the spread of tech gadgets and accessories. Have a designated place for items shared by the family. Put a basket near the family room couch for remotes and other accessories. Keep wires under control with Velcro bands, twist-ties or channels made for the purpose.
  5. Designate toy storage areas. Make cleanup easier by providing ample shelves, bins or other easy-to-use storage. Teach kids to put away toys as soon as they are done playing with them, or set a clean-up time at the end of each day.
  6. Arrange items neatly on shelves. This include bookshelves, open kitchen shelving and even garage shelves. Organize items by color, size or type and instruct family members to put things back where they found them.
  7. Keep pet toys and accessories corralled. Try to have pet dishes, beds and litterboxes in accessible but inconspicuous spots. Store their toys in a basket or bin. Hang leashes and harnesses neatly in a closet or on pegs near the door.

Taking a few minutes each day to tidy up will keep new homes in Little Elm looking their best. If you want to build your dream home, Landon Homes is ready to help.

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