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How to Organize Your Child’s Things

e676553c1a70f209392ff8c807700335Do you ever feel inundated with your children’s stuff? Between toys, clothes, school papers and “treasures,” it can be challenging to keep all of their things organized. Buying one of the homes for sale in McKinney TX presents with you with a perfect opportunity to organize your kids’ things. Here are some tips on how you can set up your child’s bedroom and bath to keep clutter from accumulating in your new home.

Organizing Kids’ Bedrooms

Medal Holder – Show off the medals your children have won in school or in sports by creating a holder just for this purpose. An old herb-drying rack or crib rail can be repurposed to display the medals on a bedroom wall.

Jewelry / Accessory holder – Silverware trays make great accessory holders for kids’ toys or jewelry. You can mount them on a wall, store them in a drawer or place on a shelf in your child’s closet. Use trays in a variety of colors to make storing their stuff fun!

Book Storage – No room for a bookcase in your child’s bedroom? No worries! Hang three spice ranks on the side of a dresser to hold those lovely large picture books.

Headbands & Bows – Over the door shoe organizers are great for storing your daughter’s headbands and bows.

Shoes – One way to keep your child’s shoes from getting lost is to store them in a shoe wheel. The Rakkido features 15 expandable pockets that can store up to 20 pairs of children’s shoes depending on the type and size of the shoe.

Organizing Kids’ Bathrooms

Toothbrush & Paste – If more than one child is sharing a bathroom, you can keep their toothbrushes and paste out of sight between brushings by using Velcro to attach plastic cups to the inside of the bathroom cupboard. Label each cup with your child’s name so they know which brush is theirs.

Bath Toy Storage – We all know bath toys make bath time fun, but storing them after use can be a nightmare. Here are two options to keep those toys handy when needed. Use a bath storage basket that fits across the tub and contains divider panels to separate toys from bath care items. Or create a DIY storage unit with two or three small plastic baskets, a tension rod and some plastic shower curtain hooks. Simply attach two hooks to one side of each basket and then thread the hooks over the tension rod. Place the rod against the back wall of your bathtub, and you have instant storage!
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