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What is PEX Plumbing?

You may have heard the term PEX plumbing while shopping for new homes in Rowlett TX. So what is PEX plumbing and why is it used in today’s new homes?

PEX is an acronym for cross-linked polyethylene. This material is flexible and insulating, making it a good alternative to copper pipes for transporting water in a home. PEX plumbing was first used as piping for radiant underfloor hot water heating. It’s now used in other ways because of its many advantages.

One of the main benefits of PEX is that it costs about one-third the price of copper pipes. The price of the PEX material is also more stable than copper. It doesn’t fluctuate the way metal prices do. Additional savings come from the fact that PEX is easier to install, which reduces labor costs.

Once installed in a home with proper water treatment, PEX lasts about 30 years. It resists mineral deposits and corrosion. It can handle freezing temperatures without cracking or bursting like metal pipes. However, it shouldn’t be used in areas where it would be exposed to sunlight or rodents, or where the water’s chlorine levels are high.

PEX has insulating properties that metal pipes lack. It keeps hot water warm as it travels through the tubing, which can help save money on utility bills. It’s also quieter than copper or galvanized steel plumbing.

One of the more interesting aspects of PEX is that it’s made in different formulations for hot or cold water. To help keep the types distinct, they are color-coded. Red is for hot water, blue is for cold water, and white or gray are for either one. If you have PEX plumbing installed in your home, you can immediately tell which pipes are for hot or cold water.

PEX plumbing is just one of many energy-efficient features in Landon homes. Other elements include high-efficiency gas furnaces, ENERGY STAR appliances, low-E windows and 15 SEER HVAC systems.

These features will add to the comfort of your home in Lake Park. This new Landon community is ideally situated beside Lake Ray Hubbard in Rowlett TX. Homes are on 45’ and 55’ lots with rear entry garages. One and two story designs are available. Lake Park homes have 3-5 bedrooms and are 1,922-3,108 square feet.

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