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North Dallas Home Builder Makes Homes More Energy Efficient

Builder of New Homes in North Dallas Goes the Extra Mile to Make Homes More Energy Efficient.

Every day we hear more and more about going green.  Today, new home builders around the country are advertising green, building green, using green products and getting green certified.  But what does all that really mean? 

For Landon Homes a builder of new homes in North Dallas,  “going green” means putting more green back in their home buyers’ wallets each month and leaving more green on the planet. 

John Landon, President of Landon Homes, proudly comments about their green initiatives. “Our energy engineers and architects work hand-in-hand to create fabulous floor plans with great features and flow.  Our innovative energy-conservation measures are constantly working to make your home more comfortable year-round from the hottest days of summer to the coldest days of winter.” 

Families who live in a Landon Home really appreciate the difference in their lower utility bills and the day-to-day comfort of their home.  They also appreciate what their builder does to protect the environment and our natural resources.  

There are many ways a builder can create a more energy efficient living environment.  Let’s take a look at how the type of lumber and insulation used in the framing stage of a new home play an important role. 

  • 2×6 vs. 2×4 Framing
    Landon Homes is the first major Dallas-Fort Worth builder to use 2×6 framing instead of 2x4s. With 2×6 framing, walls are 57% thicker and consequently they are straighter and sturdier. Thicker wall cavities allow the builder to increase wall insulation to R21 instead of the more typical R13.
  • Exterior Wall Sheathing
    In addition to thicker walls and more insulation, Landon Homes also applies a ½” exterior Dow foam sheathing to seal against outside air infiltration.  This prevents drafts and helps the heating and cooling systems work more efficiently.  This is another year-round money saving feature for home owners.  
  • Attic Insulation
    Attics are one of the biggest areas of heat loss in a home. Landon Homes uses R38 blown insulation on the flat surfaces of the attic along with R22 laid on the sloped ceilings.  This added insulation allows your AC to work less which saves money in utility bills.

There is hundreds of other energy saving features that can be built in a new home that can save you money while protecting the environment.  To find out more about how you can save money in your current home or what energy saving features to look for in a new home, visit

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