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How to Cure the Winter Blues

Cold weather got you down? Don’t worry. There is a way to get out of that funk.  You can eat more fruits and vegetables. Go see a funny movie. Or paint away the winter blues by adding a burst of color to a room in your new home.

Before you head to your local paint store to stock up on supplies, decide whether you want to spend the weekend painting an entire room. Or take on a smaller project by painting one wall or certain architectural features.

You can add a bold accent color to just one wall. Or liven up the room with stripes or bands of color. Vary the size and width of the bands to give the room a stylish look. Horizontal stripes will make the room look wider and the ceiling appear lower. Vertical stripes have the opposite effect.

Painting crown moldings or arched window treatments a shade lighter or darker than the corresponding wall will emphasize these features in the room. Make sure you test the color on the area to be painted first to see how it looks in the day and night.  Colors will look differently under incandescent and fluorescent lighting compared to natural sunlight.

Certain colors affect people’s moods. So keep in mind what effect you want to achieve in the room you’re painting and then choose the corresponding color.

 – Red stimulates appetite & conversation

 – Blue & Green calm and soothe

 – Yellow sparks creativity

 – Orange stimulates  

 – Brown adds warmth and comfort

 – White illuminates a space

The shade of color you choose also has an impact on a room. Light colors make small spaces open and airy, while darker shades can set off lighter colored objects in the room and bring them into focus.  

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