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Visionary Builder Offers Homes That Respect the Environment and Your Budget

Visionary Builder Offers Homes That Respect the Environment and Your Budget

Landon Homes have lower monthly operating costs, greener footprint and are quite simply Better Built – By Design.

Landon Homes, a home builder in Dallas, has been known for uncompromising quality, commitment to customer satisfaction and exemplary value for more than 20 years. Landon Homes is also known as a visionary builder.  Long before it became the “thing” to do, John Landon, president of Landon Homes, saw the importance of complementing architectural design with eco-friendly elements.

Today, energy experts work hand-in-hand with architects to create a Landon Home that is both beautiful and eco-friendly; that conserves energy resources and minimizes monthly utility expenses while maximizing design and flex space.

Here are just a few of the innovative practices that Landon Homes incorporates into their new homes:

  • Every Landon home prevents more than 3 metric tons of carbon dioxide from contributing to global warming by using eco-friendly fly ash concrete foundations
  • Landon is the first major Dallas-Fort Worth builder to use 2 x 6 framing instead of 2 x 4. With 57% thicker lumber, walls hold more insulation for a total value of R21 instead of the typical R13.
  • Landon Homes uses Tech-Shield radiant barrier sheathing to reduce attic temperatures up to 30 degrees and prevent up to 97% of radiant attic heat.
  • LoE2-240 windows block over 84% of the harmful UV radiation, keeping Landon Homes more comfortable with less fading of carpet and furniture.
  • Landon Homes uses water-saving faucets, shower heads, Energy Star dishwashers and low-flush toilets to conserve water and lower utility bills
  • Every Landon home is polysealed and protected with ½” exterior DOW foam sheathing to seal against outside air infiltration, saving money on both heating and cooling.

Our hats go off to Landon Homes for being a leader in building eco-friendly green homes in North Dallas!  Remember: A better-built home means lower operating costs, a greener footprint, and great value….24/7.

No matter where you live or moving to, if you’re buying a new home, ask what type of “green” technology is being used.  If you’re lucky enough to be in the Dallas area, make sure you visit one of Landon Home’s five new home communities. To find out more about Landon Homes and their eco-friendly, energy saving homes, go to or call 1-866-898-3603.

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