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Frisco Students Prepare for Jobs of Tomorrow

Top-notch education is a priority for most families purchasing new homes in Frisco TX. Fortunately the Frisco area is home to numerous excellent schools that aim to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Recently a group of educational leaders, business executives and community officials held a panel discussion about the Frisco Future Workforce. The topic was how to provide students with the skills that tomorrow’s employers will be looking for.

One of the main points of the discussion was that students need to develop “soft skills” such as critical thinking, honesty, adaptability, collaborative work and self-directed learning. Soft skills become part of a person’s character and allow him or her to work well with others, live with integrity and contribute meaningfully to society. These skills are just as important as knowledge of math and grammar.

The discussion was held at Leadership Prep School (LPS) in Frisco. LPS is focused on preparing students for leadership roles in adult life. Panelists included Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney and education professionals from the Frisco Independent School District among others.

Mayor Cheney said that Frisco has done a great deal to make the city a place where both businesses and individuals can thrive. One of his goals is to prepare the young people of Frisco for the jobs provided by the city’s many high-quality employers. To help reach that goal, Frisco ISD takes steps to foster the soft skills that are so valuable to success.

Frisco ISD promotes collaborative learning and interaction between students from different grade levels. Students can also pursue a mentorship for independent study to expose them to their future careers.

One of the conclusions of the panel discussion was that soft skills help prepare young people for future jobs, even if those jobs haven’t been invented yet. No one knows what the technology of the future will be, but soft skills will help people reach success no matter what they pursue.

Students in Landon Homes’ Frisco communities have access to Frisco ISD schools, where they can receive excellent preparation for future success. Call Landon Homes today at 866-898-3603 to see our new homes in Frisco TX.

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