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8 Top Design Trends to Try in 2019

What are the top decorating trends to watch for in Frisco new homes in 2019? We have a few good guesses based on what’s hot in the overall design world.

Here are 8 trends that will bring your house up to date with today’s hottest designs:

Curved Furniture

Sofas and chairs with rounded lines are among this year’s hottest items. Designers are featuring sofas with curved arms that flow seamlessly from the back. Chairs have rounded backs or even seats that curve up on the sides

Velvet Upholstery

Curved furniture is at its most dramatic when covered in rich velvet that highlights its sumptuous silhouette. Try a mix of pieces in bright solid colors. For more variety, use different textures of velvet on furniture pieces and accents such as throw pillows or ottomans.

Tuxedo Kitchens

Grandma’s black and white kitchen is turned on its head with black cabinets accented by white marble countertops and white walls.

Darker Neutrals

Beige and light gray are giving way to charcoal gray, midnight blue and forest green as today’s hot neutrals. Pairing dark wall colors with lighter floors and furniture keeps a room fresh and comforting at the same time.


Today’s terrazzo is bringing bold color and pattern into homes. Try it on floors as well as shower walls, coffee tables, countertops and backsplashes.

Handmade Items

The popularity of artisan design continues as people seek out one-of-a-kind handmade crafts. Look for handwoven, custom dyed or knitted fabrics and hand forged metal hardware.


As both a color and a design ethic, green décor is still hot. This color in all its shades reminds us of nature, while eco-friendly design is good for people as well as for the environment.

Eclectic Design

While mix and match has always been popular with a certain percentage of people, it’s now going more mainstream. Feel free to combine styles, colors and design elements to suit your own taste. Who knows, maybe one of your combinations will start a new trend!

Start 2019 in style with a brand new home to decorate for the new year. Call Landon Homes today at 866-898-3603 to learn more about our on-trend Frisco new homes.

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