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Your Own Spa Relaxation Space

Have you been spending your time looking at homes for sale in Frisco, TX? Once you purchase a new home and move in, wouldn’t it be nice to unwind at the end of a long work day in your very own spa relaxation space?  You can create a “home spa” by making just a few cosmetic changes to your master bath. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Clear the clutter. A room free of excess clutter helps create a more tranquil feeling to your home spa.

2. Paint the walls. Create that spa feeling by painting the walls with cool, relaxing colors such as sky blue and sea green.

3. Add room accents. Place decorative baskets on the counter to hold hand towels and washcloths. Accent them with decorative soaps, scented lotions, loofahs and other spa tools.

4. Create a relaxing scent. Use essential oils, such as lavender, reed diffusers and candles to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your home spa.

5. Add simple decorations. Accent the area with items that make you feel relaxed such as fresh flowers, potted plants or photos of the ocean. 

6. Choose appropriate lighting.  Add dimmer switches, recessed lighting and/or wall sconces to create soft, diffuse light that promotes relaxation. To mimic a skylight, add light panels to the wall or ceiling that feature large, partially-opaque rectangles of plastic to cover the light bulbs – diffusing the light for even, soft coverage.

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