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Why the Holidays are a Great Time to Buy a New Home

The holidays aren’t usually the time when people go out to buy new homes in McKinney TX. After all, most people are too busy shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, and spending time with family and friends. But real estate experts say this is actually a great time buy a house. Here are a few reasons why.

Fewer Buyers – Since there are fewer buyers in the market for real estate at this time of year, serious shoppers gain an advantage. If you find a property you like, there’s a strong possibility that you can negotiate a favorable price and put additional savings in your pocket. That’s a great deal any time of year – but especially during the holidays!

Tax Benefits – Depending on what your particular financial situation is, you could gain some major tax advantages by closing on the purchase of a new home before the end of the year. For instance, you might be able to deduct points paid upon closing, property taxes and mortgage interest rates if you itemize deductions.

Lower Interest Rates – Interest rates usually trend lower during the holidays, although it’s not guaranteed. The reason is that there is typically limited demand and less financial business being done in late November and December. Favorable financing, and better real estate deal terms, can often be found this time of year.

Faster Closing – Lenders, brokers, realtors, and even home inspectors, are often motivated to get a real estate deal completed before the end of the year. At other times, the closing process can take weeks to complete. The key to getting your transaction completed in a timely fashion is to speak with agents and lenders as far in advance as possible to see when they’re available during the holidays.

One community to consider when looking for new homes in McKinney TX is Lexington Country. Landon Homes is actively selling spacious luxury homes in this gated community, which will be home to about 1,100 families. Several homes have already been pre-sold and are under construction. Builders are also currently constructing a model home and clubhouse, which will feature a great room/banquet area as well as a fitness center.

Contact Landon Homes today for more information about the three, four and five bedroom homes available to build in Lexington Country.

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