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Why Buy a Quick Move-In New Home For Sale in North Dallas?

When looking at homes for sale in Dallas, you can choose between buying new or buying resale.  For some people, buying a brand new home is preferred because they can work with the builder to design the home from the ground up. But if you don’t have time to wait for construction, you can buy a quick move-in ready home that is complete or nearly complete. 

Why should you buy a quick move-in home versus a resale? There are several reasons. 

  1. Builders Warranty – A brand new home comes with a warranty from the home builder, so you have peace of mind should anything break down in the house. With a resale, you’re dependent upon how well the previous owners maintained the property. Even when you have a home inspection performed before the purchase, there’s a chance for problems to be missed.  
  2. Upgrades – A move-in ready home often includes options and upgrades that are appealing to new home buyers. Plus, the builder often includes features that have been popular with existing home buyers, so you know the design has been tested by families like yours. 
  3. Pricing – Builders typically include large incentives on move-in ready homes, so you could get a better deal on a brand new home than you would on a resale.  
  4. Energy Efficiency – A new home includes the most up-to-date energy saving features and construction techniques, enabling buyers to save money on utility bills and insurance premiums compared to an older home.  

If you’d like information on the available move-in ready homes for sale in North Dallas, contact Landon Homes at 866-898-3603. Landon Homes is rated among the best Dallas area home builders. Our better built by design, affordable green homes are ready now in premier neighborhoods.

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