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Especially in a tough economy, plentiful job opportunities are key to making a great place to live. These 25 counties have experienced the most job growth over the last eight years.

#15 — Collin County, TX

Towns include: Murphy, McKinney, Plano
Job growth (2000-2008): 52.7%

Like the rest of Texas, the state’s wealthiest county was not immune to the crumbling housing market, with building permits down and foreclosures up. But despite the downturn, Collin County is shining brightly in the Lone Star State. Unemployment has remained relatively low, thanks to a swift transition from agriculture to high-tech industries.Texas Instruments, Raytheon, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard, and other software, Internet and telecom companies employ much of the well educated workforce in high-tech management positions.

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