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What to Do First When You Move Into Your New McKinney Home

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Looking at McKinney TX homes for sale can be a lot of fun. As you look at different models, and picture your family in each one, excitement tends to build as you look forward to starting a new chapter in your life.

Once you buy a new home, some of that excitement may wear off as you realize there’s a fair amount of work to do once you hold the keys in your hand. The work can be manageable as long as you have a definitive list of tasks to follow. Here are some projects that need to be taken care of first when you move into your new home.

Inspect Your Things – Once all the boxes have been delivered to your new home, check to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Lay out the Essentials for Kids and Pets – Moving can be especially stressful for children and pets. One way to ease the transition is to put a few comfort items in your child’s room right away so he or she can begin feeling ownership over the new space. Lay out pet bowls, litter boxes and any other pet essentials so your dog or cat can feel comfortable in this strange territory.

Organize – Don’t just unpack your items without a plan in place. Take the time to organize and maximize your space right from the beginning

Cover the Windows – It may be tempting to start rearranging furniture right away, but for privacy’s sake, take the time to get any blinds and drapes up, at least in the rooms where family members will be sleeping.

Make the Beds – After a long day unpacking, you’re going to want to a good place to sleep. Before you get too carried away with those boxes, assemble bed frames and get linens in place for anyone who is spending that first night in the house.

Meet the Neighbors – If you can get all these essentials finished while it’s still daylight, go ahead and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. It may seem awkward, but it’ll make you feel comfortable in your new home. And besides, your neighbors are probably already curious about you too! This could be a golden opportunity to strike up some new friendships.

One community to consider when you’re looking for McKinney TX homes for sale is Fairways at Craig Ranch. Home builder Landon Homes offers buyers a variety of three, four and five bedroom homes for sale in this community that’s located just minutes from Hwy. 121.

Residents love Craig Ranch because of all the amenities this master-planned community offers, such as access to the Six Cities Trail Plan for hiking and biking, “The Beach” athletic facility for beach sports, and the Dr. Pepper StarCenter ice facility.

For more information about the spacious homes for sale at Fairways at Craig Ranch, visit the Landon website today or contact us at 866-898-8903.

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