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What is Cottagecore Design?

Have you heard of Cottagecore? It’s the latest design trend for new homes in Rowlett TX. But what is this strangely-named trend and is it right for you and your home?

Cottagecore is just what it sounds like: a quaint, cottagey, almost cute look. Think of it as what you might see if you visited an idealized farm cottage in the English countryside, where a sweet granny is waiting to serve you tea and scones.

The trend originated several years ago and is now gaining momentum as people seek comfort in their homes. It appears in the use of soft, muted colors and a cozy, comforting vibe. It’s very casual, maybe even a bit cluttered and with a dash of kitsch thrown in to keep it from becoming too serious.

You won’t find anything blatantly new in Cottagecore homes, nor will you see sleek, shiny elements, modern technology or glossy paints. This isn’t the style for you if you love stainless steel, shiny brass or a huge television dominating the family room.

Dark colors aren’t welcome in Cottagecore, either, unless they’re in very small amounts. The same goes for dramatic contrasts. That bold red accent wall will have to go!

To get the Cottagecore look, visit a thrift shop or your grandma’s attic and look for old wood furniture with worn paint or natural finishes. Stock your shelves with old books, and decorate your couch with pillows in faded fabrics like gingham and chintz. Display a collection of antique porcelain teacups or floral china.

If all that sounds impossible to achieve in a modern home, take heart. With a brand new home from Landon Homes, you can live the Cottagecore lifestyle with the most up-to-date modern conveniences.

Our plans have flex spaces that can be used as entertainment or media rooms to keep technology out of the main living areas. If you prefer to have your TV in the family or living room, you can use an enclosed entertainment center or a wall-mounted flat screen disguised as a painting.

Choose area rugs, upholstery and throw pillows in natural materials like wool, cotton and linen. Use vintage or shabby chic furniture with matte paint.

Landon Homes has a variety of floor plans you can decorate in Cottagecore style. Live chat, text or call us at 469-804-5534 today to learn more about our new homes in Rowlett TX.

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