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Top Women Designers Share What’s New in Interior Design

One of the exciting opportunities that comes from purchasing one of the beautiful new homes in Frisco, TX is being able to design your new interior space. If you need inspiration, consider these recommendations from a few of the top women designers:

Architect Deborah Berke notes that since the economic downturn, budgets have been tightened, so there’s been a return to simplicity and ease of use in room design. “…the home really needs to feel like a welcoming retreat and a safe haven,” says Berke. She also notes there’s been more interest in an environmental approach to residential design.

Green design is important to New York interior designer Sheila Bridges, as well.  She’s making traditional hand-painted canvas floor cloths with updated modern motifs such as bold geometrics. She also designs embroidered throws and decorative pillows made with wool from her own flock of sheep.

Designer Ann Gish is known for her signature jewel-tone fabrics and feel for luxury, which has transformed the bedroom into the center of the home. However, she says people are becoming more practical with their living spaces, and want things around them that are simple. For instance, she notes that, “The bedroom should be a place that makes you feel good… it should be a place that is tranquil.”  

The common element among all three designers is the focus on practicality, simplicity and comfort with a strong focus on green materials.  As you search for new homes in Frisco, TX, stop by the Landon Homes Green Design Center. Our professional staff can fill you in on the latest trends in home design and show you the energy efficient features Landon Homes includes in every home it builds.  Contact Tanya Smith, our Internet Sales Manager, to schedule your tour.

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