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Top bathroom trends for 2012

Step into one of the new homes in Frisco, and you’ll find that the bathroom has evolved from its days as a simple washroom. Today’s bathrooms are functional and attractive, with the master bath typically serving as a relaxing sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  If you plan to buy a new home soon, here are some of the top bathroom trends to consider for 2012:

Colors – Soft, neutral colors such as pale green, sand, cream, ivory, gold, silver, brown and white are featured in bathrooms this year. Walls tend to be a neutral off-white, while ceilings are perfect for adding a subtle touch of pale aqua, pink or green. Bright colors such as tangerine tango work well for kids’ bathrooms.

Natural materials – Eco-friendly and natural fabrics are in vogue this year. Wood-grain ceramic tile is popular, while glass and recycled glass tiles are also in fashion. Champagne bronze or oil-rubbed bronze are in fashion for decorating sinks, faucet handles and cabinet door knobs.

Clean, Streamlined – Black and white designs bring a streamlined feel of simplicity and cleanliness. Many of the new homes in Frisco are replacing heavy, dark vanities with light, airy colors.

Textures – Uniquely-textured tile floors are being utilized more in bathrooms this year. Shower curtains are also adhering to the trend, with linen or cotton in rough-hewn, visible weaves adding texture to the modern bath.

Patterns – Geometric wallpapers in bold colors, and prints that look like fabric are replacing the usual floral and stripe motifs. Attractive mosaic patterns and wall tiles that look like they’re made of silver, mother of pearl or gold also create a luxurious atmosphere.

If you need suggestions for fixtures, flooring and more for the bathroom and the rest of your new house, the professional design center staff at Landon Homes can guide you through each decision, large or small. Landon specializes in building high quality homes in Frisco that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Learn why you should choose Landon for your next new home purchase.

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