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Tips for Creating a Luxurious Living Room

When you buy one of the Little Elm TX new homes, you have an opportunity to establish a décor that suits your personality and style. Some people like a modern style, while others prefer a more romantic, relaxed look. You might also enjoy a contemporary, Asian or Mediterranean design. No matter which style you prefer, you can create a beautiful, luxurious space for your living room by following these tips:

Color – A thoughtful use of color in your living room can create an instant feeling of luxury. Applying a tone-on-tone palette that uses only neutrals gives the room a soft and sophisticated look. You might also try an elegant palette of champagne pink, white and black for a luxurious effect.

Lighting – Nothing says luxury quite like a chandelier. But you can also create brilliance with layers of light that combines a chandelier with recessed lighting, lamps and candlelight. Dimmer switches allow you to control the mood. Another way to play up the sparkle of lighting in Little Elm TX new homes is to place reflective surfaces around the room, such as mirrors and art in mirrored frames, nickel and brass lighting fixtures, and glass tables.

Furniture – Ornate furniture, such as Art Deco-style pieces, can add opulence to your living room. Wood is also appropriate, but the different finishes and colors vary in style. For example, mahogany looks richer than oak or bamboo.

Flooring – Rich wood colors and finishes can add a luxurious tone to any room. Stone tiles can also add a cold beauty and luxury to your design. You can always warm up the room by adding an elegant rug.

Wall coverings – Add texture and shine to your décor with lavish wall coverings. Make a bold statement by using decorative leather wall panels. Or use textile wallpapers to add a luxurious touch to your living room. You can also bring sophistication into the space with the use of sculptural ceramic tile artwork.

You can get more design ideas for your living room by touring some Little Elm TX new homes. Landon Homes, a top home builder in Little Elm, has models available to walk through at its Lakeview community, or you can conduct a virtual tour by visiting the website.

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