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4655 Wellington Landon Homes Decorated Staircase, Kitchen, and Entry Way View Open Concept

Staircase Decorating Tips for New Homes in Frisco

4655 Wellington Landon Homes Decorated Staircase, Kitchen, and Entry Way View Open Concept

One reason many people enjoy looking at new homes in Frisco is to get design inspirations for their own homes. Model homes typically feature the latest trends in paint, fixtures and cabinetry. Once you’ve purchased a new home, you may want to tweak certain aspects of the décor to reflect your style and taste. One simple way to enhance your entryway without making over an entire room is to add some personality to your staircase. Here are few do-it-yourself ideas to spruce up your stairs:

1. Ombré Paint Job – Transform your staircase from ordinary to extraordinary with color. Choose four or five consecutive shades on the same paint strip. Apply the lightest shade to the first three stairs at the top, then work your way down, using the next darker shade on the next three stairs, and so on. A small, angled brush is best for edges, while a larger brush can be used to fill in.

2. Get Creative with Chalk – You won’t have to scold children from writing on the stairs if you apply chalkboard-paint first! Go basic black or bold – chalkboard paint comes in a variety of colors. You can minimize chalk dust and slippery stairs by cleaning with a damp cloth rather than an eraser.

3. Pretty Patterns – For a unique and distinctive look to your staircase, consider applying wallpaper to each stair. You can even cheat by adhering the paper with double-stick tape instead of glue. A small smoother can be used to eliminate bubbles, while a single-edge razor is handy for trimming. Finally, apply Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic spray to protect against scuffs.

4. Multiple Mini Mirrors – If you want to create an exotic flair with your staircase, try applying sheets of slightly irregular mosaic mirror tiles. This job requires more time and finesse, since you’ll need a tile cutter, or a trusted handyman. Just remember to be safe, and measure twice, cut once!

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