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Chateaux JRL Elv C - 2 Story House Plans in Frisco TX

Special Offer: Worry-Free Interest Rate Program

Don’t let worries about interest rates stop you from pursuing your dream of building a new home with a top home builder in Frisco TX! Landon Homes is currently offering a Worry-Free Interest Rate with Float Down program to help you get into the home of your dreams.

With this limited-time offer, you can lock down a 6.99% interest rate for 9 months when you build a new home with us. This offer is reserved for new construction homes only. Existing inventory homes are not included in this special deal.

If rates fall lower within your lock period, you can Float Down to new rate within 90 days of your closing timeline.  For even more peace of mind, the interest rate program includes a 15 day renegotiation period if rates fall at least .25% compared to the lock rate. In order to receive the adjustment, your loan must be clear to close. 

This special offer was created by Landon Homes in partnership with Cinch Funding. The offer applies to loans obtained through Cinch Funding. Conditions apply for the offer to be valid on your loan.  

We’re here for our customers! When you build a new home with Landon, you’ll see the advantages of working with an established new home builder. Your project will follow an orderly series of steps with check-ins along the way. 

You’ll start by choosing your lot and house plan. You’ll visit our Design Gallery to pick out the details that will make your home unique. Your chosen lot will be released and prepared for building. The slab and foundation are poured, and framing begins. The roof and wall sheathing come next. Then the windows and exterior doors are installed. The home is now securely enclosed. Next, utilities are roughed in, insulation is added and the home is inspected by the city. 

Once the inspection is approved, brick and stucco are applied to the exterior of the home and sheetrock is applied to the interior walls. Cabinets, trim, countertops and ceramic tile are installed inside. Then come the finishing touches: paint, carpet, wood floors and the other details you chose in your Design Gallery consultation. The landscaping and fencing are put in. Finally, Quality Assurance inspections are done. We walk you through for orientation, the home is cleaned and it’s ready for closing!

Are you ready to start building a new home with Landon Homes? Call or text 469-804-5534 for more details on this Worry-Free Interest Rate Program from a top home builder in Frisco TX.

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