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Safety Tips for Using an Outdoor Fireplace

Are you looking at new homes for sale? Frisco, TX has a lot to offer prospective home owners. This “city with the heart of a town” has ample cultural, business and recreational opportunities, as well as some of the best schools in the state. Another attractive feature of this North Dallas suburb is the climate. The average year-round temperature is 66 degrees – perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors.

One way to enjoy the cool fall and winter months is to host a bon fire for friends and family – cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows on an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

But as appealing as outdoor fireplaces are, there are risks that go along with them. Here are some safety tips for maintaining an outdoor fireplace:

  • Keep safety first. Never leave an outdoor fire unattended, no matter if it’s fueled by wood, gel or gas. The winds can suddenly increase or shift direction, sending sparks into your house. Children or pets can unexpectedly bump into something or fall.
  • Start small. Use a small amount of fuel the first time you use your outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Learn how it draws air, how it responds to changes in wind direction, and how long it burns before you need to add more fuel.
  • Use a fire screen. If the outdoor fireplace or pit doesn’t have a safety screen already, install one and use it. The screen will help control sparks and burning bits of debris so they don’t exit the fire area.
  • Remove overhanging branches and leaves. Trim any nearby branches that could catch fire or be singed by burning embers or hot gases.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Always keep a water supply, sand bucket or fire extinguisher close by when using your outdoor fireplace. Make sure your fire is completely out before leaving the area. Remove the ashes to an ash bucket for added safety.
  • Never leave a fire unattended. This is basic common sense advice for any fireplace, indoor or outdoor. Unsupervised pets or children near a burning fire are recipes for disaster. Don’t stand too close to the flame either. Keep at least 3 feet away for safety’s sake.

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