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Pumpkin Planters Create the Ultimate Fall Home Design

Today’s home owners have many ways to decorate their homes for the fall season. Autumn colors and seasonal themes give your home a new look that complements the changing season and coming holidays.

Porches, decks, and patios are ideal decorating spaces for Frisco new homes, and pumpkin planters are the ultimate new accessory for spicing up your home’s seasonal design – they’re even Martha Stewart approved.

Best of all, pumpkin planters are easy to find or create on your own. With a few easy steps, you can use pumpkin planters to give your home’s porch a unique twist that you and your family will love.

Finding Your Pumpkin Planters

Artificial pumpkin planters can be found online or at local home decor stores. But many home owners are choosing to make their own planters out of real pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is a popular tradition. Taking those pumpkins and turning them into planters may be an even better way to celebrate the holiday season.

Pumpkin planters can replace outdated metal pots that don’t do much for your home’s appearance. The right pumpkin planters give you a new way to display your favorite plants and flowers all season long.

Color Options for the Fall Season

You can accentuate your pumpkin planters with bright flowers whose colors represent the fall season. Marigolds and other flowers can be combined with garden herbs like oregano and thyme.
Try planting kale and other leafy vegetables to give your porch some variety in colors and textures. Create taller displays by including fountain grass and other tall plants.

Creating Real Pumpkin Planters

Real pumpkin planters enhance the natural surroundings of your home and are a fun project to take on with the entire family.

The perfect pumpkin planter can be made by removing its top and cutting a wide enough hole to allow for more room for your flowers and plants. You’ll also need space in order to fill it with dirt.

You can make holes at the bottom of your pumpkin planters to let water drain out and into the soil. Proper watering extends the life of your plants so that you can enjoy them throughout the fall season.

Place plants deep inside the pumpkin and surround the base with dirt. Different sized pumpkins can add to the look that planters give your home. They make it easy to plant everything from ornamental cabbage to mums and succulents.

Real pumpkin planters give the home a natural and authentic look. But great looking artificial pumpkin planters can be just as good and more cost effective, as they can be reused each year.

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