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How to Prepare your New Home for Spring

Spring is in the air!  It’s a perfect time to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated during the winter months, and spruce up your new home in McKinney, TX.  First things first – take a walk around your home and look for anything collecting dust. Decide whether you can store it, donate it, or simply get rid of it! Once the clutter is gone, it’s time to get serious about spring cleaning.  Here are a few areas that should be taken care of:

Windows – Clean your windows and remove any dust and grime that have settled during the winter months. Then, breathe new life into your new home in McKinney, TX by opening those windows and letting the fresh air in!

Upholstery – Get rid of any pollen, dander and dust from your furniture and draperies by vacuuming them.

Ceiling Fans – If you haven’t used the ceiling fans in a few months, dust and grime have probably collected on the blades. Clean them properly so the dust does not circulate in the room when the fan is switched on.

Central A/C Unit – Call your local A/C repair company to perform a spring checkup of your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s in top working order. There’s nothing worse than being without A/C during those hot summer months.

Home Exterior – Once the inside of your new home in McKinney, TX is clean, it’s time to check out the exterior. Inspect weather stripping, and replace as necessary. Investigate the roof for missing or broken tiles and shingles, and clean out the down spouts and gutters.

Landscaping – Clear away any tree limbs, leaves and other debris from walkways around your home. Check your garden hoses and/or sprinkler system to make sure they’re in top shape. Wash the paver and concrete areas that may have become soiled and dirty.

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