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Plano TX Leads State in Rankings

People who make their homes in Plano TX have plenty of reasons to be proud. Plano, a flourishing city northeast of Dallas, has consistently been awarded high honors in national and state-wide city rankings. In 2016 the city was named the 3rd Best Place to Live in America by Money magazine, and in 2011 Forbes named it the #1 Safest City in America. This year it was honored in several categories by personal finance website WalletHub. Here’s where Plano ranks above the others on the WalletHub lists:

Job Availability

Job-seekers may want to head to Plano to find their next position. WalletHub named Plano the best city in Texas and the 6th-best in the United States for job availability in 2018. The city is home to numerous corporate headquarters, including Frito-Lay, J.C. Penney, Toyota Motor North America and Rent-A-Center, each employing thousands of people. It’s also home to major medical centers, 70 public schools, 16 private schools, two community college campuses and two university campuses.

The impressive number of large employers in Plano is just one of the 26 factors that WalletHub used to make their assessments. Other metrics used in the rankings included starting salaries, commute times, unemployment rate and employment growth. Among these individual factors, Plano came in third in the rankings for highest median annual income and fourth for housing affordability.

New Year’s Resolutions

WalletHub also ranked American cities on their potential for residents to keep their New Year’s resolutions. The rankings were based on the availability of resources in each city as well as its financial outlook and other factors. In all, WalletHub looked at 52 items in determining each city’s “resolution-keeping” ranking. These items included exercise habits, credit scores, school rankings and the number of parkland acres per capita.

Plano won the #2 spot among Texas cities and the 11th spot in the nation for keeping New Year’s resolutions. Looking at specific kinds of resolutions, Plano ranked 2nd for Financial Resolutions, 6th for School and Work Resolutions, 14th for Breaking Bad Habits and 30th for Health Resolutions.

If you want to live in a community with great job availability and the resources to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions, contact Landon Homes for information about their homes in Plano TX.

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