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Picking the Right Floor Plan for Your New Plano Home

5045-Dining It’s not unusual for buyers of a new home for sale in Plano to realize after moving in that the floor plan just doesn’t work for their family. The reason is that many homeowners make one or more common mistakes when deciding on the best floor plan to fit their needs. If you’re planning to buy a new home this year, take some time to review these common mistakes so you can choose your floor plan with confidence.

  • Don’t forget to picture your family in the floor plan – One of the biggest mistakes home buyers make is assuming every floor plan fits your lifestyle. Consider how your family will truly live in your new home. Do you prefer a single story or multi-story home? Will an open floor plan work well, or would you prefer individual rooms with partitions? Figure out what type of floor plan will make you feel comfortable in your home.


  • Factor out upgrades during a model home tour – Touring a model home is a great way to get familiar with a particular floor plan. But an easy mistake is to get sold on the upgrades that are typically included in a model home. Try and remove the upgrades from your view, and focus instead on the layout and flow of the rooms so you can make an informed decision about a particular floor plan.


  • Don’t assume you’re supposed to understand floor plan drawings – If you’re not an architect, it can be very confusing to understand a floor plan’s different symbols and terms. If you’re confused about anything, ASK!


  • Don’t get caught up in architectural features – Expansive floor to ceiling windows, skylights and other architectural features looks amazing, but they can impact your heating and cooling costs. Take into consideration green cost savings on any architectural features of your floor plan for future living too.


  • Don’t assume room sizes are adequate – Pay careful attention to the room sizes in a floor plan and measure your existing furniture to make sure everything will fit. If you want additional space in your new home, make sure you factor that in your measurements as well.


  • Imagine your home fully occupied – If you love to entertain, imagine how your kitchen, dining room and living room areas would look if they were filled with people. This will ensure your floor plan has enough room for mingling, eating, dancing, and walking through your home.


  • Keep safety in mind, especially where children are concerned – Some floor plan features, such as balconies, stairs without railings and expansive glass shower enclosures may be great for adults, but aren’t practical for small children. You may need to modify these features if you plan on raising a family in your new home.


  • Don’t forget about the home’s location – Don’t make the mistake of falling in love with a floor plan and forgetting about the property and location of your new home. For instance, what kind of view will you have from the master bedroom or kitchen? Choose a floor plan that matches with the location of your house.


  • Keep your current budget in mind – Don’t be tempted to add every luxury feature to your new home. You can always upgrade later. Plan for your budget now so you’ll feel comfortable after you move in, not financially strapped when making your monthly payments.


  • Don’t choose your floor plan alone – If you can walk through model homes before deciding on a floor plan, bring your family along to help make a decision. This way you can get everybody on board to make sure the floor plan works for everyone, not just you!

When you’re looking for a luxurious new home for sale in Plano, look no further than the John R. Landon Executive series communities of West Park Villas and West Park Estates. Located in the heart of Plano, West Park offers residents the opportunity to enjoy spacious homes on oversize lots with superior schools, upscale shopping and excellent amenities such as an outdoor pavilion, resort-style pool and playground.

Home buyers can choose from a variety of three, four or five bedroom floor plans to accommodate your personal style and taste. Visit the Landon website today to view the various floor plans available to build. Or schedule a visit to West Park so you can tour one of our model homes yourself.

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