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Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

You’ve successfully searched listings of Little Elm new homes and found your dream house. Now it’s time to pack! If boxing up all your belongings seems overwhelming, here are a dozen quick tips to make it easy–and maybe even fun!

  1. Hire movers, reserve a DIY truck and/or arrange for help from family and friends. Arrange for someone to watch the children and/or pets during the move.
  2. Collect boxes. Buy new moving boxes or get used ones from stores, businesses, friends and family.
  3. Set aside a large box for discards you plan to donate, sell or give away.
  4. Create a moving kit. Put all your packing supplies in one handy, portable tote or box. Fill it with packing tape, bold markers, scissors, a dust cloth and newspapers or other wrapping material.
  5. As you pack, label each box on the top and at least two sides with the name of the room it belongs in and a short summary of the contents.
  6. Pack rarely-used and decorative items first. Save the things you use every day until the last minute, and indicate on the boxes that they should be opened ASAP at your new home.
  7. Plan what to eat the first day or so at your new home and either bring it with you or plan to have a grocery order delivered after you arrive.
  8. Have each family member pack an overnight bag with clothes, pajamas and toiletries for two days until you get settled in and unpacked. Also bring toilet paper, tissues, soap, a hand towel, pet supplies, snacks, paper towels, paper plates, cups, cleaning supplies, a small toolbox, medication and first aid kit.
  9. Take valuable or very sentimental items with you in your own car.
  10. Sketch a layout of how you want each room’s furniture arranged. Post them in each room to help the movers know where to put things.
  11. Instruct the movers or your helpers to take each box directly to the room it belongs in.
  12. Check that your beds are set up and large furniture is in place before your helpers leave.

When you’re ready to pack up and move to an exciting community of new homes in the North Dallas suburbs, call Landon Homes at 1-866-898-3603 for information about their green certified Little Elm new homes.

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