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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Your New Home in Plano

photoWhen buying a new home in Plano, most of the attention naturally focuses on decorating the inside of the house. But don’t forget the outside, especially if you enjoy entertaining. Lighting is an important component for setting the right atmosphere, whether relaxing or hosting a big get-together for family and friends. Here are a few tips on how to create different moods with outdoor lighting:

DIY Shades – Rather than spend money on expensive outdoor light fixtures, why not create your own? Try cutting out the bottoms from attractive candle holders and then fit them around basic electric or battery-powered pendant lights to create a unique light effect in an outdoor dining room.

Go Metallic – If you’re not sure what type of lighting fixture to use for the patio of your new home in Plano, why not try a stainless steel pendant? The metal surface will blend seamlessly with most of the outdoor furniture on the market. Plus, it also will enhance an industrial-chic look.

Bring the Indoors Out – Thrift stores are great places to find eclectic and interesting light fixtures. A glass and metal chandelier will work well outdoors in the summer months, and then you can always store it indoors for the winter.  If you don’t have electricity underneath your covered patio, replace the lights in an old chandelier with battery-operated candles.

Go Green – Create a more casual, organic look by placing candles inside Mason jars and mix them with succulents or other small plants. Place them directly on a table or use a hanging pot rack that is suspended over a table.

Light the Way – Remember that pathways to your outdoor room need lighting too. You can buy solar-powered fixtures or create your own lighting with globes and a strand of white lights.

Repurpose Holiday Lights – Get more mileage out of your Christmas lights by using them outdoors all year round. Strands of white bulbs can be strung up across your patio, wrapped around a tree or plant.

Light Up Your Party – Planning a party or special event outside your new home in Plano? Add some warmth to your yard with the addition of paper lanterns. These fun light fixtures are inexpensive and colorful, and come in a range of sizes to brighten up your outdoor space.

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