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Organize Your Home the Marie Kondo Way

Marie Kondo’s “Kon-Mari” tidying method is sweeping homes in Allen TX thanks to her popular television show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Based on her best-selling book, the show urges readers to keep only those possessions that “spark joy.” Since we’d all love to live in a joy-filled home, here are some tips to put Marie’s method into action:

  • If an item makes you smile, keep it. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy. The same goes for gifts you’ve received that aren’t quite right for you. Appreciate that the giver meant well. The gift brought joy in the moment it was given, and that’s all that matters. Let it move along to someone who will truly enjoy owning it.
  • Divide and conquer. Sort your belongings by type, rather than by room. For example, collect every pair of your shoes in one place before sorting them. If this means you have to search all over the house plus in your car and gym bag, do it. Only when everything is together can you see what you really have.
  • Go through every item and decide whether it makes you happy. Touching or holding an object will help you make the truest decision.
  • Store items in divided boxes or containers. Don’t just throw all your makeup or all your desk supplies in one drawer. Sort them by type and designate a specific spot for each type of item.
  • Fold, fold, fold. Marie Kondo has her own precise folding method that you can find online. She recommends folding everything from T-shirts to plastic grocery bags. Her method allows items to stand up like files in a drawer so you can see everything at once.
  • Appreciate your belongings. Take good care of them. Kondo even advocates thanking your possessions for the role they play in your life. By the same token, don’t store items away unless they’re for seasonal use. Place beloved mementoes on a shelf or tabletop where you can see them frequently.

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