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Organize the Technology in Your Home

12378863_sDo you sometimes feel like your new home in Frisco TX is being overrun with electrical cords and chargers? Here are a few ways to organize the technology in your home:

Cord Control – One cheap and easy way to keep electrical cords from being tangled together is to cover them with a trouser sock that’s had the toe cut out.  You can also bundle all your electrical cords together with half-inch spiral wire wrap or plastic cable zip ties. Computer wires can be managed with adhesive cord clips that are stuck to the underside of your desk. For a green way to contain extension cords, simply wrap the length of one cord around your hand then slide the whole thing inside an empty toilet paper roll.

Handy Headphones – Store extra headphones, chargers and power cords in the clear pouches of a hanging jewelry organizer. Not only will you be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in your Frisco TX new home, but packing your technology just became that much easier. If you don’t want to buy an organizer, rummage through your old cassette tapes for any extra clear cases. They’re great for keeping your iPod chargers and earbuds under wraps. Just add a label to the outside of the case for clear identification.

CD & DVD Storage – CDs and DVDs can be stored in a variety of ways. You can buy handy storage boxes that can be labeled, and stick them on a shelf. Or you can slip them inside clear cases that can be stacked horizontally or vertically. If you need to save space, an over-the-door media rack with adjustable shelves is a smart purchase. When you need to make your CDs or DVDs portable, consider placing them in a binder that contains protective interior sleeves to keep the discs safe from scratches.

Kitchen Un-Cluttered – Don’t let the kitchen counters in your new home in Frisco TX get cluttered. Store some of your infrequently used appliances, like rice cookers, mixers and blenders, on a lower cabinet, so they are out of sight until needed.

If you have questions about the latest trends in home design, ask the professionals at the Landon Homes Design Center. Our staff can guide you through each design decision, and help you visualize every detail of your new home. Frisco TX has a wide variety of high quality, energy efficient homes for sale built by Landon in Austin Ridge at Lonestar Ranch and Richwoods. Call us at 866-898-3603 to schedule a model home tour.

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