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How to Organize Kids’ Toys after the Holidays in Your New McKinney Home

The holidays are a joyous time, especially for children as they delight over the addition of new toys. Family and friends may mean well with these gifts, but too many toys can prove overwhelming to children and can take over your new home in McKinney if you’re not careful. To prevent toys from ending up in every room of the house, here are a few tips to organize your child’s toys once the holidays are over.

1. Junk the Junk – If the holidays have created a mountain of junk in your living room, it’s time to get rid of all the half empty boxes, wrapping paper, and wire twist ties that hold everything together.  Make sure you go through every nook and cranny before tossing packaging in the trash though. Very often, an instruction book, battery cover or other key part to a toy gets inadvertantly thrown out with the trash, ruining what otherwise could have been an awesome gift.

2. Make Room – New toys will occupy your child’s attention for a few weeks, so this is the perfect time to take stock of the old toys. If your children are old enough, get them involved in this process. Explain that for every new toy that comes in, one needs to go out, since there’s only so much room in the house. (If your child is reluctant to part with anything, you can check out an excellent children’s book on the subject, “Room Enough for Daisy” by Debby Waldman and Rita Feutl.) Sort toys into three zones – keep, donate and toss.  Donated items can go to a local charity, to a friend with kids of appropriate age, or sold at a garage sale.

3. Store it Away – Toys are much easier to manage when they have their own place to go when play is done. Group like items together. Keep in mind that you’ll need large storage space like toy boxes or large shelving as well as small storage space like baskets and buckets. Tackle boxes are great for storing Lego pieces, Polly Pockets or any other toy that comes with lots of small parts. Large, flat storage containers with wheels can be used to store toys or small stuffed animals under a child’s bed. If you have any toys that a younger child may grow into, place them in a clearly labeled bin. Then store them in an easily accessible area so they don’t disappear until the day you move, or the kids are in college.

4. Relax, but Keep at It – Once all the toys are organized, the goal should be to keep it that way. Take five minutes every day to help your child pick up their toys and put them back in their proper place. Make a game of it. Set a timer and see how fast they can put everything away. But don’t stress about a little mess. It goes with the territory. Focus instead on the joy your children bring, and remember you can always go through the whole organizing process again next year.

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