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How to Organize the Garage for your New Home in Richwoods

iStock_000006637619XSmallMoving into a new home in Richwoods is an exciting prospect. You get to choose colors, cabinets, and furnishings for your living room, bedroom, etc. As you come up with a design plan, the garage is one area of your house that sometimes gets overlooked. If it’s not set up properly, the garage can quickly become a cluttered mess, instead of a place to store your car, tools and other items. Here are a few tips for organizing your garage:

Create Zones – Many families store a variety of gear in their garage, such as gardening equipment, tools, and sports equipment. An easy way to start off organizing your garage is to create zones for the different types of items. Designate one area of the garage for bikes and sports gear, another area for yard tools.

Hang it up – Since space is at a premium in the garage, especially if you plan to store one or more cars on a regular basis, make use of your walls for storage. One side can be painted a bright orange color (to brighten the mood) and outfitted with cycling racks to hang bikes. Walls are also useful for storing Christmas decorations like lighted deer.  The space between wall studs is a natural to hang rackets for tennis or badminton.

Pegboards or wall-mounted tool holders are terrific for hanging yard gear like clippers, trimmers and leaf blowers in your new home in Richwoods. Accordion hooks are also useful for hanging jackets and hats, so you can easily grab what you need to wear when working in your yard or garden.

Contain the Clutter – Use boxes and containers to store items like yard toys, tools, garden supplies and overflow cleaners from the house, and then place them on freestanding shelves. Rolling organizers are also excellent for containing yard tools, rakes, shovels, gloves and snippers. Plus, they’re convenient because you can easily move them from the garage to the yard, eliminating trips for forgotten gear.

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