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How to Organize the Desk in Your New Home Office

Picture25The wonderful thing about buying a new home in Plano is that you now have a blank canvas from which to start designing the home of your dreams. Some people might put a lot of attention into their kitchen, while others might focus on the living room or media room. If you’re interested in getting your new home office set up efficiently, here are a few suggestions on how to organize your desk:

Paint Can Cubbies – Keep your desktop neat and tidy with this inexpensive solution. Buy unused paint cans at your local store and line them up on a shelf to hold paperwork. Anchor the paint cans in place with Velcro.

Pocket Notebooks – Convert a notetbook or journal into a storage place for business cards, papers and receipts by adding pockets made out of colored envelopes. Fold back the envelope flap, moisten the glue strip with water and attach it to the inside of the notebook. Use double-sided tape to secure the envelope’s bottom corners.

Catchy Containers – Desk organizers can be pricey additions to your new home in Plano. Put leftover gift baskets to new use by applying a coat of latex paint to each one to create coordinated organizers.

Wire Organizer – Get rid of cord clutter underneath your feet by feeding all of your electrical cords through a hole drilled in the desktop. Mount a surge protector on the underside of the desk to plug the wires into, and keep excess cords in a coated wire basket suspended underneath the desk with wire hooks. Attach a color coded tag or other marking to each wire so you know which machine it goes to.

Colorful Covers – Storage boxes are handy for keeping track of files, but they usually come in dreary shades of grey or black. Liven them up by covering their sides with colorful book cloth.

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