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MISD Schools Earn National Healthy Schools Awards

Creating healthy communities begins early in life. The habits that children develop when they’re young will have lasting benefits on their well-being.

Healthy schools are becoming a sought-after feature for families looking at new homes for sale. In McKinney TX, local schools are creating healthy lifestyles for students and administrators, and many are now being awarded for their efforts.

MISD Recognized for their Healthy School Programs

Ten McKinney ISD schools have earned the National Healthy Schools Award, highlighting the achievements that these schools have made in improving the health of their students.

The award is given by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in its effort to recognize campuses that are paving the way for a healthier future for their local communities.

McKinney ISD schools were included in a select group of 323 schools out of about 31,000 campuses from 30 states and the District of Columbia that take part in the Healthy Schools Program.

Renowned MISD Schools Earn Silver and Bronze Level Awards

There are three levels at which schools can qualify. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze level awards are given in relation to the standards that these schools met in their participation in the program.

MISD schools were awarded both Silver and Bronze level awards. The National Healthy School Silver Award was awarded to the following schools:

  • Webb Elementary
  • Burks Elementary
  • Reuben Johnson Elementary
  • Wilmeth Elementary
  • Scott Johnson Middle School

The following schools received Bronze level awards:

  • Vega Elementary
  • Evans Middle School
  • Cockrill Middle School
  • Dowell Middle School
  • McKinney Boyd High School

Each Healthy School had to meet rigorous criteria to win the award. These included an increased level of physical activity, healthy meals and snacks, as well as quality health and physical education for students.

Leaders within the schools are also encouraged to serve as role models as part of the Healthy Schools Program. The program represents one of the largest initiatives in schools to help prevent obesity in children.

Setting New Standards for Healthy Schools in McKinney TX

These MISD schools have implemented policies that promote wellness throughout the district while having systems in place to monitor their progress each year.

The MISD schools that will be recognized at this year’s Leaders Summit have taken the steps needed to prioritize the well-being of their students and entire organizations.

The level of dedication demonstrated by these schools is a result of the collaboration between administrators, teachers, health educators, and their food service providers.

It’s established a foundation for long-term health for students at school and in their everyday lives. Participants have actively chosen to participate in the activities that create better health for MISD schools and their families.

Landon Homes is a proud member of the McKinney community. We support all efforts to create healthier schools while giving families access to those schools by finding the right homes for sale in McKinney TX.

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