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Making Your Holiday Decorations Last from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Decorating for the holidays is just one of the many traditions for families and their homes in Frisco TX.

Once Halloween has come and gone, you can unpack your Thanksgiving decorations. But do you want to repeat the whole process a third time when Christmas comes around?

Thankfully, there are ways that you can extend your holiday home decorations throughout the entire season.

Holiday items that you can use from Thanksgiving to Christmas take some of the work out of setting up and taking down your holiday decorations. It also keeps your home looking great with just a few easy steps.

A Holiday Seasonal Wreath

Christmas wreaths are a holiday staple for homes. But some people are creating holiday seasonal wreaths that work great for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Wreaths that have natural floral themes are perfect for both holidays. You can purchase one already made or create your own using floral wire, artificial fruit and flowers, and other accessories.

The right wreath enhances doors, windows, and other parts of your home. Add hanging candy canes when Christmas comes around to transition your wreath design.

Using the Right Colors for Both Seasons

Christmas colors typically revolve around green and red. Incorporating other neutral colors makes your home’s decor last throughout the entire Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Gold, blue, and silver are colors that go well with both seasons, and earth tones enhance the feeling of fall and winter. Colors can be used throughout your home and holiday decorations.

Ornaments, fabrics, and other items can be used with colors that fit the entire holiday season.

Bring Nature Indoors

The changing outdoors is just one of the reasons why so many people love the holidays. You can incorporate natural elements from the outdoors into your home’s holiday decorations.

Pinecones, leaves, flowers, nuts, and other fall items can be used for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They can be placed on or around mirrors, tables, mantles, and window sills.

You can display these items in attractive glass containers to showcase them to your guests. It’s a seasonal and unique way to add holiday cheer to your home’s design.

Ornaments Aren’t Just for Christmas

Christmas ornaments can be used during Thanksgiving. The trick is to know how to use them so that you enjoy them all season long.

Ornaments come in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures. Choose festive ornaments that aren’t exclusive to one holiday.

Ornaments can be used as centerpieces for tables or to enhance other home accessories. You can customize ornaments by painting them or covering them with fabric.

Grouping ornaments in a bowl is an easy way to display these holiday items for any occasion. Use ornaments that vary in shape and color to create your own look.

Understanding what items work best, choosing neutral colors, and incorporating a little bit of nature works best for today’s homes. In Frisco, TX, homeowners can use these and other tips to get the most out of their holiday decorations.

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