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Luxury Outdoor Decor for Your New Home

When you purchase a new home, it’s normal to spend time decorating your interior living space. But what about the outside?  As you look at homes for sale in Frisco, TX, consider the following ways to add a luxurious touch to your outdoor décor:

Area rug – Adding a sizeable, weather-resistant rug will define and anchor a seating area. Plus, a rug gives your bare feet some cool relief from the sun-baked patio and deck.

Lighting – Create an intimate mood after dark with a variety of lighting systems, lanterns or candelabras. Decorative fire pits and fireplaces also do wonders to add warmth, drama and ambience to your outdoor space.

Water – Adding a fountain or waterfall is a wonderful way to create your own backyard retreat. The soothing sounds of water enhance any natural space, and also help to block out traffic sounds and other noises.

Wall coverings – Murals and wallpaper are becoming more popular as an easy way to decorate outdoors. They create a striking scene, depending on the color and patterns you choose.

Planters, Statues – Define your space with planters or decorative urns filled with lush, aromatic greenery. Or add artistic elements such as statues and sculptures to increase visual interest.

Furniture & accessories – Patio umbrellas, chairs, chaises, and tables also lend an inviting element to your outdoor décor. Choose bold colors to enhance your design scheme, either as a foundation or accent.

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