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Kitchen Lighting Tips for Your New Home in Richwoods

Of all the rooms in your new home in Richwoods, the one that gets the most use is probably the kitchen. It’s where you fix your meals and possibly where you eat them too. You may even entertain in the kitchen as well. Since this room gets so much use, it’s important that it has good lighting.  Living roomLighting experts say the most effective kitchen lighting involves four layers blended together: task, ambient, decorative and accent lighting.

As its name implies, task lighting is the workhorse of illumination, because it provides adequate light for meal preparation. Key locations for task lighting include underneath the overhead cabinets and over the island – anywhere you’ll spend time chopping, peeling, slicing and reading recipes.

Ambient lighting is sometimes overlooked when it comes to lighting a kitchen, but it can play a significant role in your new home in Richwoods. Ambient lighting softens shadows and creates a warm glow in the room. You can use it under cabinets with a dimmer switch to control the amount of light dispersed. Other ambient lighting fixtures include pendant lights.

Once you move into your new home in Richwoods, you might want to add a little sparkle to your space. That’s where decorative lighting comes in. However, you have to be careful to keep the size of your kitchen in mind. Make sure that the scale of the chandelier, hanging pendant or other eye-catching fixture is right for the space, and that the shade material has enough opacity to effectively hide the light bulb.

Accent lighting is the least common layer in the kitchen, but it is useful for adding depth and dimension to the room. After you’ve moved into your new home, you could add an accent light to highlight a piece of artwork behind a breakfast table.

For more ideas on what type of lighting is available to use in the kitchen and throughout your new home in Richwoods, consult the design center staff at Landon Homes.

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