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Ideas to Freshen Up Your Family Room

The family room is often the center of life in Frisco new homes. While most family rooms are casual, comfy hangouts, there’s no reason they can’t be stylish at the same time. Here are 8 ways to bring a fresh new look to this important space:

  1. Update area rugs, throw pillows and other fabric accessories. These items are usually inexpensive enough that you can change them with the seasons.
  2. Set up a game corner or reading nook. For a game corner, you’ll need a small table and chairs, a storage cupboard or shelves and good lighting such as a pendant light over the table. A reading nook can simply be a comfy chair with a bookshelf and lamp nearby.
  3. Add stylish accent seating. Your main sofa is probably a sturdy piece in a neutral color, but you can add style to the room with a pair of beautifully upholstered wing chairs or a leather recliner.
  4. Use color on the walls. Don’t limit yourself to white or off-white. If you try more colorful walls and don’t like the look, you can repaint the room or just keep one wall in the new color.
  5. Change up the artwork. Group the family photos on a shelf and decorate the walls with high-impact paintings or framed posters. Consider revolving your art collection among several rooms in the house so it always feels fresh and new.
  6. Add plants. One large philodendron or rubber plant can add drama. If you love plants, dedicate an area near a window to flex your green thumb.
  7. Amp up the lighting with unique lamps and light fixtures. As you shop for new fixtures, keep in mind the style of the piece as well as the type of light it will produce. Also try different window treatments to adjust the amount of natural light coming in.
  8. If you have an active family and don’t have a separate living room for entertaining guests, keep slipcovers on your family room furniture. Remove them when you are about to have company.

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