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How to Prepare Your Home to Impress Your Guests

You can be fairly certain that most buyers of new homes in Little Elm will have family and friends over for a visit after they move in, whether for a housewarming party or even a weekend stay. If you want to impress your guests when they arrive, it’s a good idea to focus on a few key areas of your home that your visitors will notice after they walk in the door.

First Impressions Matter – Make sure your entryway is free and clear. Ensure your guests have a place to leave their shoes and hang their coats when they enter your home.

Seating – A sofa and two chairs might work well for your immediate family, but once you add a few visitors to the mix, you’ll need to rethink your seating arrangement. It’s wise to have a few extra chairs stashed away to bring out when needed. And always offer your guests the best seats in the house!

Bathroom Shine – Keep your guest bathroom sparkling clean, even if it will only be used for a few hours. Go the extra mile by setting out a pretty candle and fancy hand soap to give your bathroom that “spa” appeal.

Freshen the Home Scent – It’s so easy to get used to the smells in our home that we may not realize things need to be freshened up until guests arrive. To make sure your home’s scent is appealing, make sure all trash bins are emptied, sinks and toilets are cleaned, and linens are aired out. If you only have a little time to take action, you can open some windows, add a few drops of essential oil to a humidifier, or simmer some essential oils or cinnamon on the stove. Lighting a few scented candles can do the trick in a pinch too.

Take Care of Your Pets – Not all guests are animal lovers, so it’s a good idea to have your pets freshly groomed before company arrives. Also, remove any pet hair that may be hanging around on the floor or furniture and empty the kitty litter.

Attend to Lighting – The correct lighting can affect a room’s atmosphere and comfort level for your guests. Take advantage of dimmers, accent lighting and candles to create a pleasant environment in your home. And if the light switch is hard to find in the guest bathroom, leave the light on or place a candle on the sink so your visitors don’t stumble in the dark.

Food and Drink – Don’t make your guests beg for a glass of water or bite to eat. Have drinks and

light snacks on hand in case they get hungry or thirsty. For guests that plan to stay the weekend, find out in advance what their favorites are so you can be stocked up and ready.

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