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How to Create a Productive Homework Space

Thinking of buying a new home for your family? As you look at new homes in McKinney, TX, consider where your children will do their studying once your move in. Depending on the age of your child, they could do homework in their bedroom or at the kitchen table.

The key to creating a productive homework space is making sure that whatever area you choose, it should be quiet, well-lit and contain plenty of appropriate supplies. New homes in McKinney, TX frequently include bonus rooms that you can outfit as a study or library that your child can use for homework. No matter which room gets designated as a homework space, it should feature some kind of table or desk, and a chair of appropriate height for the child.

The homework space should also be stocked with the essentials such as: paper, pencils, pens, a dictionary and thesaurus, an atlas, scissors, tape and glue, a calculator, index cards and art supplies such as markers and construction paper. These supplies can be kept in a plastic storage bin or dedicated drawer for easy access.

If your child needs to use a computer for homework, make sure it has reliable Internet access in an area of your home that can be easily supervised. Remind the child that “chatting,” surfing the web or instant messaging will not be allowed during homework time. Having a printer handy with sufficient ink will also save you from making an unexpected run to the 24-hour copy center.
Limit phone use during homework time – your own and that of your child’s to keep distractions to a minimum. And keep a calendar handy so that you can keep track of long-term projects, reports, tests and papers for easy reference.

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