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How to Create a Media Room in Your New Home

One popular feature that some new homes offer today’s buyer is a media room. Sometimes called a home theater, the media room is designed to reproduce the intensity of a cinema experience. Media rooms usually feature a large flat screen television or projection screen, plenty of seating and soft lighting. Some media rooms are huge, enclosed spaces that are built to accommodate large groups of people. But many are often the size of a standard study or living room, which is perfect for entertaining a single family.

If you decide that you want to include a media room in your new home, here are some tips on how to create the perfect entertainment space.

Plan Ahead – It’s important to choose your budget carefully, and draw up some concepts for your new media room. Consider whether you want to have a wall mounted screen, or one that descends from the ceiling. Determine the type of seating you’ll need, and how many guests you want to accommodate. Answering these questions first will help you determine your budget for the project.

Consider Multi-Purpose Designs – Determine whether it makes sense for your family to dedicate an entire room as a home theater, or whether the room should double as a game room or bar, suitable for hosting parties.

Focus on Lighting – Since the screen will be a major source of light in the room, you may not want to have much lighting in the room at all – especially since most people prefer extremely dim lighting while watching a movie. Good choices for your media room would be recessed lighting and simple wall sconces to mimic the look of an authentic movie theater.

Comfort is Key – Don’t forget that the purpose of a media room is to relax and watch movies, television shows or sporting events. Look for plus, comfortable chairs or love seats with cozy cushions and throw blankets.

Aim for Simplicity – When choosing accessories for the media room, remember two- the screen should be the focal point in the space. Choose simple décor to complement the room’s theme. Too many designs can be distracting. When the lights are low, and the movie or show is playing, all eyes should be on the screen.

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