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How to Clear Out Clutter and Create a Happier Home

It’s a great feeling to move into one of the homes for sale in Little Elm. Once you unpack and get everything just the way you want it, you can relax and enjoy your new space. But if you’re not careful, clutter has a way of creeping into your home. That doesn’t mean you have to live with clutter. Here are some tips to give clutter the boot if it starts to accumulate, so you can live in a happier, healthier home.

One way to keep clutter at bay is to create places for it to land before it reaches the rest of the house. That means starting at the front door. Set up a paper recycling center and specific places to contain the mail, backpacks, shoes and homework. Set up coat hooks and cubby holes by the entryway for this purpose.

Next, go around the house and create designated areas within each space for everyday necessities. Creative storage organizers like crates, old suitcases, closed freestanding cabinets and rows of hooks can be used to contain everyday and seasonal items.

You can also designate a few clutter-free surfaces in your home, such as your dining table and kitchen counter. This will help make your home feel neater and inspire you to clear out even more clutter.

Storage pieces can do double duty when it comes to clutter. They can be attractive and functional. For instance, you could place a lidded woven basket on a shelf in the dining room to hold your favorite seasonal cloth napkins or centerpiece candles. An antique buffet cabinet can be placed in the living room to help organize favorite craft supplies.

There are a few ways to keep bathroom clutter at bay. A few wall hooks can be installed to hold towels or robes. Bathroom necessities can be hidden in closed storage receptacles or drawers to streamline the countertops. Small, attractive cosmetic items can be placed in clear or ceramic jars for display on the countertop.

The best way to keep clutter from showing up in your new home is to practice putting items away immediately, rather than setting them elsewhere. This helps you avoid the overwhelm that comes from chaos growing on every surface.

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