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How to Clean Your New Home’s Hardwood Floors

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Many people choose to install hardwood floors when they purchase one of the new homes in Frisco TX. It’s easy to see why. Hardwood floors add an elegant, yet durable quality to a home. And they’re simple to clean, at least in relation to carpet, tile and other surfaces.

But maintaining a hardwood floor isn’t quite as simple as it may seem, especially if you’ve never had to deal with a wood floor before. Here are some tips to keep your hardwood floors looking their best.

  1. Remove dirt and debris regularly. The best way to keep your hardwood floor looking new is to quickly remove any dirt that lands on it. Even the tiniest speck of dirt can act like sandpaper and scratch the floor’s surface. Vacuum or sweep every two or three days, or more often for high-traffic areas. When you vacuum, be sure to use the hard surface setting on your machine. This setting turns off the beater bar and lowers the vacuum to the floor for better suction power.
  1. Clear spills right away – Certain substances like milk, mustard and pet urine will remove the top coat of polish on your floor if you let it stay for any length of time. As soon as something spills on the floor, make sure it gets wiped up immediately.
  1. Mop carefully – Give your wood floor a more thorough cleaning once a month with the use of a damp (not sopping) mop that is treated with a wood floor cleaner that contains quick-drying isopropyl alcohol.

If you prefer a greener approach to cleaning, you can make your own solution by adding a capful of white vinegar to a gallon of water. This solution will help dissolve grease and grime, but won’t strip the finish. Any scuff marks can be removed by rubbing them with a tennis ball.

Bonus Tip: Do NOT clean wood floors with a steam mop. The heat opens the pores in the wood, damaging the finish, and causing irreversible damage.

  1. Use appropriate cleaning products – Even though wood is probably the easiest floor covering to keep clean, you have to use the right cleaners to avoid damaging the surface. For instance, anything that says “polish” or “shine” indicates you’re adding a layer of something to the floor. But that “something” is NOT a protective coating. These products will make your floor look shiny right away, but it will quickly smear and look dull again. To be safe, stick with cleaning solutions recommended by a hardwood floor specialist.

Eventually, your hardwood floor will lose its luster and suffer damage, despite regular cleaning. When that happens, it’s time to refinish the surface. In this case, the top layer of wood needs to be sanded down to remove any marks, and then a protective sealant should be added. On average, hardwood floors should be resealed about once every 10 years, or every two to five years if they get substantial traffic from children and pets.

Hardwood flooring is just one of the choices available to buyers of new homes in Frisco TX. Landon Homes has created an award-winning design center to help its customers learn about the latest trends in fixtures, window treatments, cabinetry and more. Contact Landon today to see the floor plans available to build in Frisco at the gated community of Richwoods Crossing.

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