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How to Add More Storage to Your New Home

Many of the new homes in McKinney TX feature walk-in closets which offer more storage than a standard closet, and give you more space to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories.

However, some home buyers find they still need to maximize their space to hold all of their belongings. If you’re in that position, here are some tips on how you can add more storage to your new home.

  1. Keep your sheets neat and tidy in the linen closet by storing them in their matching pillow case. Alternatively, you could place them inside a reusable storage bag that lets you move them with ease.
  1. Sliding racks placed inside your kitchen cabinets are a terrific way to easily store food, dishes and cookware.
  1. Who says storage can’t be stylish? Purchase an ottoman that includes a storage compartment and use it to create extra space in the middle of any room.
  1. Shelves added to a wall will give you added storage throughout your home.
  1. Keep cleaning supplies and pantry snacks handy on a slide-out storage tower. Or store supplies under the sink with adjustable shelves that fit around your pipes.
  1. Encourage your children to get organized by supplying them with storage bins to hold their toys, stuffed animals and art supplies. These items can then be easily stored away when play time is over.
  1. A magnetic strip can be glued to the inside of a bathroom drawer to keep your hair supplies neat and tidy. In the garage, you can attach a magnetic strip to the wall to keep your tools within reach.
  1. Shoe organizers don’t always have to store your shoes. They can also help to keep your cleaning supplies, pantry snacks, and children’s toys in one, easily accessible place.
  1. Need a place to store extra sponges, brushes and even paper towels? Hook a shelf over a cabinet door to hold all those kitchen cleaning supplies.
  1. Don’t waste the space under your bed. Put it to good use with the help of fabric storage bags that will protect your things and maximize the area.

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