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How Landon Homes Helps You Save Money on Utility Bills

Looking at new homes in Little Elm, TX? That’s a smart decision, especially if you want to save money on your utility bills.   Newly constructed homes are more energy efficient than older homes because building codes mandate stricter standards than they used to. For instance, the most recent International Energy Conservation Code came out in 2009 and required homes to be about 17% more efficient than three years earlier.

Landon Homes specializes in building energy efficient new homes in Little Elm, TX. Landon is the first major builder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to use 2”x 6” exterior wall construction. Since the lumber is 50% thicker than the standard 2 x 4, it can hold 57% more insulation, reducing unwanted heat loss or gain, decreasing the energy demands on your home.

Landon incorporates other energy saving features too, such as a highly rated wall insulation system, and an exterior foam sheathing system that seals against outside air infiltration. The net effect allows your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently, saving you money year-round.

The new homes in Little Elm, TX that Landon builds also feature cardinal glass windows that block out much of the sun’s heat and up to 84% of the UV rays that cause carpet and furniture fading. In addition, the A/C units in these homes exceed Energy Star standards, providing you with a more comfortable home and lower utility bills.

Energy efficient water heaters and GE appliances that meet or exceed Energy Star ratings are also included in Landon’s new homes in Little Elm, TX. Plus, low flush toilets and water saving faucets and shower heads help you conserve water and minimize utility bills.

To find out more about these energy saving features, visit the Landon Homes website or contact Tanya Smith by phone at 214-707-0347.


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