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How Do You Know If You Are Getting a Good Deal on a New Home?

When shopping for a new home, you naturally want to get the best deal you can for the money. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll probably ever make.  But sometimes what may seem like a good deal at first, can wind up costing you more in the long run.

How many times have you bought an item “on sale” only to find out the price was actually marked up before the store decided to lower the price? So, what seemed like a bargain at the time really wasn’t – since the “sale” price was actually higher than the normal price of the same item at another store.

Unfortunately, some home builders and contractors use this same tactic.  They will lowball you to get the job and then come up with every opportunity they can to charge you extra, so you wind up paying much more than if you had gone with someone else.

You may also come across two homes with the same square footage and same number of bedrooms and baths in two adjoining neighborhoods. However, one is more expensive than the other. Does that automatically mean the cheaper home is the best value?  Not necessarily.

In these situations, you’ve got to do your homework. That means conducting a side by side feature and structural comparison to find out if you truly are getting the best deal with one builder over another.

One area to review is the type of energy saving features your builder offers. For instance, Landon Homes is the first builder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to use 2×6 exterior wall construction instead of 2×4. With 50% thicker lumber, the walls of your home are stronger, and can hold 57% more insulation. As a result, your home won’t experience as much unwanted heat loss or gain, reducing your energy demands and lowering your utility bills in the process.

As you conduct your new home search, find out if your builder uses quality materials and has a good reputation for customer service.  You can save money in the long run by paying a little more upfront on a home that is built to last and helps keep your energy costs down. 

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