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Hot Spring Colors That May Surprise You

Spring always brings fresh colors to new homes in Argyle TX, but this year they aren’t what you’d expect. Designers are skipping the expected colors and using trendy nontraditional shades in their homes. After all, what could symbolize a fresh season better than fresh new colors?

Try these hues in your home to rejuvenate your spring décor:

Yellow – The epitome of spring cheer, yellow is the color of the sun, daffodils and smiley face emojis. Use this hue as a brightening accent where you want to inject a feeling of energy. How about a yellow tablecloth and linens in the kitchen or a shiny yellow vase in the dining room?

Orange – Similar to yellow, orange is associated with feelings of energy and good vibes. Bold and bright, orange isn’t for the meek. Try it on throw pillows in the family room, cushions on outdoor furniture or even a room-brightening area rug.

Coral – This shade is the perfect compromise between orange and pink. It’s a more subtle, warm color that speaks of coziness and contentment. Expect this to be one of the season’s hottest colors, since Pantone chose Living Coral as its 2019 Color of the Year.

Purple – Rich and royal, purple adds depth to any décor. It also reminds us of the violets and irises blooming in our gardens. Use it in the bedroom or formal living room for a touch of regal flair.

Green – What could be more spring-like than the color of green grass and new leaves?

Give your home a fresh start with green, whether it’s through paint, a piece of artwork or a fresh crop of lush houseplants.

Turquoise – A versatile color, turquoise can bring a spring feeling to any room of the house. How about new bathroom linens, a new bedspread or even a turquoise upholstered chair in the family room?

This spring, feel free to mix and match your favorite colors in your home décor. If you’re feeling bold, try painting an accent wall or even an entire room in one of these shades. If you’d rather just dip your toes in the water, try purchasing or painting an accent piece or two.

If you’d love to own a new home to decorate this spring, call Landon Homes today at 866-898-3603 to see our new homes in Argyle TX.

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