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Why Homes for Sale in Dallas Should Include Radiant Heat Barrier

Looking at homes for sale in Dallas? One of the advantages to buying a new home is that it’s going to be more energy efficient than an older home. During the summer, temperatures can reach up to 100° F in Dallas. Extreme temperatures place a heavy burden on air conditioning units to keep a house cool, driving up energy costs for homeowners.

Landon has a strong commitment to building homes that deliver the best possible value. That means using energy efficient building methods so homeowners can save on energy costs. One of the many energy saving features that Landon installs in its homes is Radiant Heat Barrier. This product installs just like regular roof sheathing, so there are no extra labor costs. But the primary benefit of the radiant heat barrier for home buyers is its ability to reduce attic temperatures.

The Radiant Heat Barrier features a layer of reflective aluminum foil bonded to one side of standard oriented strand board. It’s considered more efficient than traditional OSB sheathing because it blocks up to 97 percent of radiant heat from entering the attic, reducing attic temperatures by as much as 30° F. The whole house feels cooler, resulting in monthly cooling cost savings of up to 17 percent.

Radiant Heat Barrier is just one part of the insulating system that Landon employs for its new homes. The home builder also uses Styrofoam ™ sheathing behind brick and siding, topping out an R22 exterior wall insulation system adding to that is insulated corners and an insulation sealing system. Together, these components help your house stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while keeping energy costs down.

Homeowners like the Anderson family, who live in the Villages at Lakeview, have been amazed at the energy savings generated by features like the Radiant Heat Barrier. “We never imagined that our new Landon home, 1166 square feet larger than our old home, would have a lower electric bill.”

Other building techniques and supplies that Landon uses to provide energy efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week include 2×6 exterior wall construction, vinyl low E2-240 tinted glass windows, and Energy Star rated appliances. Visit our website for more information on how Landon creates energy efficient homes for sale in Dallas that are better built, by design.


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