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Home to Sell, No Problem!

Couple planning future.Do you long to buy a new, energy efficient home, but feel stuck because you can’t sell your old home? If you have a home to sell in Dallas, TX, there’s good news. Landon Homes can help. Our Trade In Program offers several options for home buyers who need to sell or lease their homes before they buy a new property.

Option #1: Trade In

If you want to buy a new home and move in as quickly as possible, this option will be your best bet. Landon Homes agents will simply buy your current home at a mutually agreed upon discounted price, and you purchase a new Landon home.

Option #2: Listing Program

Another option for those who have a home to sell in Dallas, TX involves letting Landon Homes and its agents list your property at a reduced commission in order for you to purchase a brand new Landon home.

Option #3: Lease Program

A third possibility that you may consider is our lease program. Under this plan, Landon Homes and their agents set up guaranteed lease assistance for up to three years on your current home with no management fees, when you buy a brand new Landon home.

Our Preferred Agents have several programs available to our clients based on your personal needs. Landon Homes and its agents strive to find a solution that you are comfortable and confident with. Our programs have helped many clients get into their beautiful new Landon Home. The sooner you can get out of your old home and into a new Landon home, the more money you’ll be able to save…Lowest interest rates in the last 40 years, lowest energy bills with the Landon energy saving features, and great Landon Homes pricing.

Even with no equity in your present home, or even negative equity, you can still have an opportunity to buy a new Landon home. Our staff will help you explore all of your possibilities for free.  Please contact us at 866-898-3603 or visit any of our sales offices to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales agents if you have a home to sell in Dallas, TX.

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